E-commerce sales

First and foremost you need create your own e-commerce site as you primary destination for traffic that you create. You will make the most money since you sell at full retail price and don’t have to pay / deduct any retail margins.

Let’s face it – as a start up or small company all you can afford is a scalable digital marketing or PR campaign which means you need a cost effective way to convert traffic into sales.

Next you need a presence on Amazon. You have two choices to do that – take on Amazon as a retail account or become an affiliate reseller on their site.

I highly recommend to take on Amazon as a retail account. It is extremely critical to provide plenty of content and assets. The more the better.

Selling to Amazon is not difficult – they will want to assort your product but they expect you (or us) to do all the work. Once you are set up as an Amazon vendor you will receive the key to their Vendor Central site. From there you are in control of you destiny.
We will set up the product for you, populate the site with content, pricing and maintain inventory information. The next step is very critical and determines how much traffic your product gets. Identifying and managing the proper search terms for your product and measuring their impact. Much like Google search terms – the Amazon platform reacts similar. As a matter of fact you can buy Clicks on Amazon for certain search terms – guaranteeing you relevant traffic.

The Amazon platform is driven by analytics and statistics not by relationships. As a matter of fact Amazon rather employs people with an analytic then with a merchandising background. I like the Amazon platform and its impact on your success very much but need to caution you that it requires daily control, supervision and adjustments.

Other relevant e-commerce channels are subject to your overall channel strategy. There are specialty sites in every vertical market and we need to place your product. In addition you have the opportunity to get listed on the e-commerce sites of most major retailers if you chose to sell them through distributors who have existing relationships. In many cases it can help your case with the in-store merchandising teams of these retailers if you have success selling on their e-commerce platform.

E-commerce is the fastest growing sector of retail. I like to stay on top of trends and insights – one of my every day news sites is: www.ecommercefuel.com